Web Marketing

Advertising and marketing your website has one purpose:
To drive more visitors to your website who are likely to become customers.

If you are a local business, this means that any online advertising you do must be targeted to your geographical market area. We see online ads all the time appearing in our area (Southern NY State) for businesses like auto body shops in Canada ? or Cleveland. Not too likely we’ll be making the trip to get that dent removed! Those businesses are wasting time and money on ads that have no chance of success.


Local Business Ads

Designs by JC places and manages Google Local Business ads

Google and Yahoo offer free Local Business Ads, where your business is listed based on a match with the keyword or phrase that the user typed in the search box. This listing contains a link to the detailed ad that can contain a lot information about your business, your logo and photos, a link to your website, your location, and other features. We place these local business ads for you and optimize them to give your business the highest placement possible.

Pay Per Click Ads

Google and Yahoo offer text ads that appears above or to the right of regular search results when a user searches for a keyword or phrase that matches one of your chosen keywords relevant to your business. Your ads can also appear on the pages of other websites if desired. You are charged on a ‘per click’ basis

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