Web Design

A website can give you a competitive advantage. A non-professional, static, and slow loading site does nothing for your business and can actually damage your business reputation. Our website designs load quickly, use modern style-based code, are easy for your visitors to use, and place higher on search engines than many other sites. Contact us for a FREE Website Analysis!

What is a Good Website?

A good website design is filled with quality, relevant content, is well-written, looks good, and provides a good experience for your visitors — and achieves the goals you have for the site. Good websites have also gone through website optimization so that your potential customers can find your site in the popular search engines. There are several key factors that we pay a lot of attention to in our web designs:

  • Define a clear purpose for your website
  • Provide clear and pertinent content that your visitors will find valuable
  • Make the information easy to find
  • Use color and illustrations/photos to support the content
  • Optimize all photos or illustrations so that the site loads quickly
  • Use modern coding so that pages look professional and consistent
  • Follow accepted practices to optimize your web pages so that your website places as high as possible on search engine pages.

Skills We Bring to Your Web Design Projects

Web Designs consist of writing, page design, coding, graphic design, and content organization. This requires a wide range of technical and creative skills that often have to be subcontracted to different sources. In most cases, we provide all the necessary skills based on years of experience in electronic publishing, writing, and design:

  • Technical and marketing writing
  • Graphics and digital photography expert
  • Extensive page design experience
  • Expertise in modern web coding practices
  • Website optimization and marketing — Google Webmaster Member, Google Client Center
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